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Branding is process of creating a unique identity, image, and perception for a product, service or business. It goes beyond just a logo or a name, it encompasses the entire experience and impression people have when they interact with that business. I turn the business into a brand by creating an identity, values, goal orientation, and consistency. Effective branding aims to differentiate a product or service from its competitors, create an emotional connection with consumers, and build loyalty and trust over time. This is a strategic and ongoing process that requires understanding the target audience, adapting to market changes, and developments alongside brand growth.

Marketing & Social design

Social media and marketing and advertising have the same goal, to promote the product or company and make the target audience buy the product or service you want to sell.
Design for social is mainly designed for social media such as Facebook and Instagram. According to the target audience, I’ll know how to design and brand The pages of the business on the various platforms, each social network and its purpose, and the target audience that changes sometimes as a result, you also need to create different content and goals.
The purpose of the social dimension is a call to action, to maintain innovation, and to maintain involvement in the company so that the audience stays informed.
Design for marketing and advertising is mainly for a more focused purpose such as a new campaign or the launch of a product or sale.
These designs can be seen in banners, ads, advertisements, billboards and more.

Web design & Development

The website is a central part of the success of the business, a website is the digital showcase of the business and sometimes it is also the store itself. The website should be design-adjusted to the design language of the brand, it should be accessible, efficient, and focused on the business goals. A website is a dynamic and technological field that should also be adapted to several types of platforms such as mobile or tablet. And finally a website looks very simple but it combines collaboration between designers, developers, content creators and stakeholders to produce a site that not only looks great but also serves its purpose effectively, Whether it’s providing information, selling products, or offering services.

User Experience & User Interface (UX/UI)

UX/UI is for setting up a website, app, or software.
UX is the characterization and thinking behind the construction of the system, designed for UX design is to create focused, efficient products, and methods of use, and valuable to the user and also ensures that the product is intuitive, user-friendly, and meets the needs of its users. The characterization is based on research and information architecture. 
UI is the design of the interface and the addition of the visual element with which a user will work. The design of the interface must be accompanied and adapted to the characterization
Both areas work together.

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